Who is Merritt+Grace?

Merritt+Grace is a full-service strategic marketing communications agency serving clients worldwide from their Denver, Colorado-based offices.

Merritt+Grace specializes in government, health and entertainment marketing. Allison Hastey and Frances Tourtelot’s unique expertise in these industries allows Merritt+Grace to excel at strategic communication in traditionally complex industries. This experience gives the agency a well-rounded background to support public and private sector clients of all varieties. Merritt+Grace offers clients a suite of marketing services including:

  • strategic communication planning
  • brand development
  • digital media strategy
  • social marketing
  • media buying
  • public relations
  • event planning
  • copywriting
  • design
  • market research

Merritt+Grace is committed to providing clients with the highest level of service, at an industry standard cost, to raise awareness at the community, statewide, national or international level. As a small business, Merritt+Grace is founded on an economic sustainability model. We focus on creating viable and cost efficient projects that are result-driven with maximum impact. This is accomplished through strong collaboration tools and techniques that are low to no cost and maintainable internally and externally. We also partner with experienced subcontractors to customize an exclusive team that best fits our client’s needs. This minimizes overhead costs to our clients while maximizing productivity and performance.

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